EETS 7316 – Wireless, Cellular, and Personal Telecommunications

October 31, 2022

This is a comprehensive course in the fast-developing field of wireless mobile/cellular and personal telecommunications. Topics include mobile/cellular communications; frequency allocations; base station site selection; cellular structures; channel trunking; analog cellular signalling; handover; data over cellular; multipath fading; diversity reception; modulation techniques; speech coding; digital cellular design, including GSM and TDMA; spectral efficiency considerations; spectral management and regulations; roaming; and current world systems and standards. Topics on personal communications include basic concepts and terminology for PCS; PCS technology; design based on CSM, TDMA, and CDMA; spectrum sharing with other services such as FSM; PCS standards; intelligent networks for PCS; global challenges for PCS; third-generation wireless, number portability, and roaming; and satellites in wireless. Prerequisites: EETS 7301, and ECE 5370 or ECE 7370, or permission of the instructor. This course is primarily for the telecommunications program but can also be very useful for ECE students who plan to specialize in this field.