EETS 8337 – Telecommunications Network Management

October 31, 2022

This is a comprehensive course in the important issues in telecommunications network management. Overview of the underlying principles – operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning – that are often the most expensive and labor-intensive aspects of telecommunications. Includes different paradigms for network management such as the Internet Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP, SNMPv2) and the Open System Interconnection Common Management information protocol. Covers the object-oriented modeling approach such as the ITU-T Telecommunications Management Network and Bellcore’s Information Networking Architecture. Also, implementation issues of architectural concepts into network products and systems such as the translation from ISO Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects into C++. Network simulation, configuration, fault, security, accounting, performance management, and the quality of service concepts. Addresses drivers for network management and its traditional practice, as well as future needs, and includes case studies in Intelligent Network and Synchronous Optical Network. Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor, plus knowledge of one high-level programming language, preferably Pascal, C, or C++.