SMU Lyle student at work on a network laboratory

Why Network Engineering?

Is a Master of Science in Network Engineering right for you? Discover how this degree program can help your career.

The Master of Science in Network Engineering program will equip you with the specific skills needed to adapt to new technology and ensure your organization is always at the forefront of the industry.

SMU Lyle student

Make an Impact with Your SMU Degree

With 82% employment at graduation, Lyle alumni have gone on to make an immediate impact at leading companies such as Facebook and Google.

A Program Tailored to Your Goals

You can tailor your degree to your interests and career goals through independent study courses, industry projects, and a wide range of electives in other departments.

Stay Prepared for the Future

Virtualization is a core focus of the curriculum, ensuring you’re prepared for the latest technology and industry strategies.

Prepare for a Successful Career in Network Engineering

Network engineering is a constantly changing field. This year’s cutting-edge technology might be totally obsolete next year. Despite this consistent change, however, the core principles of network engineering continue to hold strong — meaning professionals who thoroughly understand these principles will be able to adapt to and even lead change in the industry.

SMU’s Online M.S. in Network Engineering focuses on giving you an expert understanding of the principles of network engineering while also giving you access to hands-on experiences with the latest tools and software. You’ll simultaneously gain proficiency with the cutting-edge tools used by modern companies while developing the foundational knowledge that fuels the industry.

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